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Arbor Low

Just a quick post as im getting bits ready for Uni!

Arbor Low is an extremely impressive henge monument in Derbyshire, known as the “Stonehenge of the North” it is situated in farm land near Bakewell. Derived from the Anglo-Saxon name “Eorthburg Hlaw”, which simply means “earthwork hill”.

The overall scale of the monument is overwhelming, along with the impressive bronze age burial mount located on the henge. The walk up to the monument also reveals some very interesting earth workings and other burial mounts located in the North West of the site. Along with a causeway that ventures of down the side of the hill in the North East. GA


An Actual Blog Post 3

This is another “Actual Blog Post” to talk about what’s been going on for the last few weeks!

First off I am continuing the Stop NPIB campaigning, This has involved a few admin bits and messaging my local councillor.  I am waiting for more information to come through from the government before I make the next move and push the campaign again as I feel there s no point at the moment doing another big push on a subject that we still know very little about. The campaign has already done a tremendous amount of work to get party’s talking about the issues and I hope this will continue, and just shows how a petition can have such a impact.

I had a short Interview for Archaeology Mag about Stop NPIB linked to activation in archaeology, Big thanks to Rob Lennox for contacting me, had a great deal of fun finding signal to reply back on top of the Hill fort.

Three Weeks ago I was excavating with Oxford University on a fascinating Hill fort “Moel-y-Gaer” Bodfari in North Wales, it being lowest of the Clwydian hill forts at c 200m, I managed to work on a cross section of a inner defensive boundary mount and a feature that is now looking like a structure! Defiantly had the best views I’ve had on a site before.

The Fieldwork started in 2011 and is ongoing it also featured in the November/December 2015 edition of Archaeology magazine. If your interested in volunteering on the site then keep an eye out on here.

Recent life events have also led me to now commute regularly to Derbyshire to see my other Half, Allowing me to extend my interest on Industrial Mining and heritage sites which literately litter the Wirksworth hills along with this beautiful Iron Age site below.

Website has seen a major update to its code and also a small aesthetic change however not much information has yet been transferred across, this should hopefully start in the coming weeks with my site reports being put onto a public data base that will assessable by all and then the member area will be added allowing people to upload there own sites.

Matlock has some good cake… GA



Roman archaeology threaten by housing…

Another “Great” case where the clear lack of any care has now resulted in the possible loss to precious archaeology all in the name of housing development… GA

Tomb of the Vulture Lord

Really interesting read about the Tomb of the Vulture Lord and the fascinating links between the Olmec “mother culture” that influenced the Maya and other south American cultures. GA




Britain’s Pompeii – Must Farm


Excavations at Must Farm; Whittlesey, by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit have unveiled there amazing findings.

As seen in the feature image above the roundhouse has much of its original timbers and even some remains of Wattle Panelling. (Thank you Mud!!) I cant really do this find justice so see the link bellow for a insightful overview .

Would of loved to have dug this one! GA


NEWS 02/12/2015

First of we hear Egyptologists are now 90% sure that Search for hidden chamber in Luxor has been found which some say could hold remains of Queen Nefertiti…


Rolling with the Egyptian theme, The British Museum is to stage a exhibition of Egyptian underwater archaeology specifically focus on recent discoveries at the mouth of the Nile. Something I defiantly will  visit.


Finally. A Pop-up archaeology lab to open in York in the New Year.

“Local residents and visitors will be able to see archaeologists’ high tech methods of recording and interpreting sites, and analysing objects in detail, such as laser scanning, digital 3D modelling and microscopes.

Its Great to hear about these public engagement events hopefully pushing the importance of our heritage to a wider audience. GA

NEWS 25/11/2015

For all you ‘Martian archaeologist’ out there, here is a article looking at ‘remains’ on Mars…. (Just a bit different) Links a lot to this article


A farmer in northern Switzerland discovered a horde of Roman coins in his cherry orchard, great find!


Oldest stone tools in the Americas claimed in Chile, Will this controversial find stop hard fact from ever reaching the surface?

NEWS 18/11/2015

A total of 277 remains have been found whilst constriction a tramline expansion in Manchester, adding more history to a interesting city.


More strains keep emerging , This time off two hunter-gatherers whose 13,300 and 9,700-year-old remains were found in caves in the Caucasus


Matching slabs of stone from Roman Britain town found by archaeologists more than a century apart – Great article about this unusual event! GA

The Public and Archaeology

Indiana Jones, Time Team, Digging Holes and Metal Detecting!

All ideas that the general Public would summarize and believe archaeology is or at least related to in someway. However as we know this couldn’t be further than the truth. So what is the problem with these misconceptions of out careers and interest?

I feel that there lies three main issues, One is Television and Film Two is the lack of Public engagement and finally, career opportunity’s in archaeology.

Television and Film

A common misconception is that archaeology Is linked to the likes of Indiana Jones. This couldn’t be anything close to the actual truth! Archaeology is a serious scientific and exploitary career, that equates typically with long hours in return for a very small pay package!

A good way to break this is by telling a audience that their work is actually Very Important and Very Scientific. You do not need to contrast this with Indiana Jones’ breaking-and-entering approach, looting the place, you can relate it through your enthusiasm for the science and discovery.

Lack of Public engagement

Here I refer to a interesting article found on the UCL website, that looks at Dr Hilary Orange. Id advise a read. But in summary it looks at Archaeology South-East and how’s there is a huge lack of funds as well as other factors that hammer steps to engage with the public to show of what the careers about.

Believing that archaeology has huge potential appeal to the public, she rolled out a national survey on attitudes towards public engagement within the archaeological profession.

Its results showed that the biggest impediments are lack of money and training, but that most respondees are also keen to do much more public engagement.

Career opportunity’s

Not as much as a issue as it was after the crash in 2008 as the market is slowly growing again, with regards to the commercial unit market anyway. However the Job prospects in Archaeology are horrific. Low pay, Long Hours, and health issues relating to Joints are all factors to look forward to in the career! Its shocking really how such a highly skilled and scientific Job gets so little attention and funding, considering it I uncovering our past and who we actually are as species.

However with regards to the Topic this puts a lot of people off and creates a kind of stigma around the field. Making people summarise it as boring, tedious work for long hours and little pay. If the profession was better paid and there was more public focus on it I feel that this would be lifted however I cant see this happening so for now and the foreseeable future I cant see a change in this.

In conclusion, I feel that if archaeology was more prevalent in the public eye, then the true nature of out Jobs and interests would be unveiled. Then again its kind of cool when kids think your Indiana Jones!!!  GA

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