After a busy but brilliant first term at Durham, I though now is the right time to do a few more blog posts over the festive season.

This year has seen many ups, but also sadly many downs for me personally. Losing a few close people both drifting apart, and also down to our timely existence on this planet has defiantly had a strong impact on me personably. Teaching me that we should embrace life and the memories we make. Such as my title suggests “Gone But Not Forgotten”. This Blog is simply going to look at a few memories I have made over the past 12 months that has defiantly changed me as a person, and also hugely helped with the research at ginger archaeology.


Start of the New Year To Summer! This time saw a few changes for me, My finally A levels, Picking my Uni and also the StopNPIB petition! Ginger Archaeology also gained a server where the website is being hosted.



Then the Summer happened, this included a lot of new material for the site, Exploring the wonders of Derbyshire and also an amazing dig in Wales, that im looking forward to going back to in 2017! Truly was an amazing summer.


Then the biggest change of all was starting my course here at Durham. Something I never thought I would be saying in my life. Durham is truly unlike any other UK or even world university. The best way to describe it is its like being at Hogwarts! I have made so many memories in the last few short months, and made friends for life. All this experience has made me more dedicated than ever before to peruse a career archaeology.


Our lives seem to move at 1000Mph these days, with a ever connected world that often doesn’t always seem right. Its important to look back at the memories we have made and our own personal History’s, for the future is unknown. People do drift away or pass on to another place, however people also drift in and we meet some truly amazing individuals through our lives. Who knows where life will truly go. If this term has taught me anything is that the relationships and memories we build are truly something special. Even though this year has been hard for me personally, the friends and memories I have made over the last few months just shows how wonderful and beautiful life is, and how actually as people we never fade away. Just like history! Who knows what 2017 will bring, however I do hope to find Lincolnshire’s lost Stonehenge… and we might finally see a official ginger archaeology site in Nottingham……

Stay tune for a number of Derbyshire sites I will be publishing as well as a few from county Durham!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x