This is another “Actual Blog Post” to talk about what’s been going on for the last few weeks!

First off I am continuing the Stop NPIB campaigning, This has involved a few admin bits and messaging my local councillor.  I am waiting for more information to come through from the government before I make the next move and push the campaign again as I feel there s no point at the moment doing another big push on a subject that we still know very little about. The campaign has already done a tremendous amount of work to get party’s talking about the issues and I hope this will continue, and just shows how a petition can have such a impact.

I had a short Interview for Archaeology Mag about Stop NPIB linked to activation in archaeology, Big thanks to Rob Lennox for contacting me, had a great deal of fun finding signal to reply back on top of the Hill fort.

Three Weeks ago I was excavating with Oxford University on a fascinating Hill fort “Moel-y-Gaer” Bodfari in North Wales, it being lowest of the Clwydian hill forts at c 200m, I managed to work on a cross section of a inner defensive boundary mount and a feature that is now looking like a structure! Defiantly had the best views I’ve had on a site before.

The Fieldwork started in 2011 and is ongoing it also featured in the November/December 2015 edition of Archaeology magazine. If your interested in volunteering on the site then keep an eye out on here.

Recent life events have also led me to now commute regularly to Derbyshire to see my other Half, Allowing me to extend my interest on Industrial Mining and heritage sites which literately litter the Wirksworth hills along with this beautiful Iron Age site below.

Website has seen a major update to its code and also a small aesthetic change however not much information has yet been transferred across, this should hopefully start in the coming weeks with my site reports being put onto a public data base that will assessable by all and then the member area will be added allowing people to upload there own sites.

Matlock has some good cake… GA